Why School Bus Tracking system is important?

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Problems without school bus tracking system

  • Students and their parents need to wait for the bus.
  • They are not aware when will bus arrive. Even if the bus has broken down no one is able to inform them.
  • A worse situation when the weather is bad, students and parents are not aware whether the bus will arrive or not.
  • Parents wait for their children on a bus stop for 10-15 min before their arrival.
  • Due to bad weather buses are late and no information reaches to parents.
  • Bus stuck in Traffic, Parents unaware of the situation and worried.
  • To overcome all these problems school bus monitoring system is used.School administration have a responsibility of keeping their students and staff safe and inform guardians about any delay that hold their youngsters from getting home. GPS school bus monitoring system can assist both of these problems. With the proper school bus tracking system school, bus management can get accurate bus location, drivers action, and vehicle performance, along with this during an emergency safety aids can be immediate due to up to date information of bus location. A driver can be guided by better security and well-being of students.

    Importance of school bus tracking system are-

  • Real time tracking: Track your bus real-time on the web.
  • Route display: Bus Route is displayed on app and web
  • Geo-tagging: Each bus stop is marked on map to know bus position relative to school stops.
  • Alert to Parents: Parents of the wards get alerts for pick-up and drop when a school bus is reaching their respective stop.
  • Alert on undefined Path-Parents and administrator will receive an alert if bus deviates from its path.
  • It is the safest method to communicate with bus drivers and to locate vehicle during an emergency. Many of the Education Institutes have already adopted this system for the protection of their children.
    Zeroerp school management software is a full-fledged software with multiple features from database management of a school, notification, chat, GPS Tracking of vehicle, Review Log, multilingual software with an Android and IOS school app.

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